Professional Line

Gastronorm Trays

Compliant with
European Standard
UNI EN ISO 4531/2018

As per test report


Professional cooking trays

In vitrified steel for food

  • When cooking in the oven at a temperature range of 250 to 300°C, fats and food particles produce residues that stick to the containers and are particularly difficult to clean, especially from the most commonly used stainless steel trays.
  • It is much easier to clean vitrified trays, where glass is applied and fused at a temperature of 880°C on the steel surface (like those found in domestic kitchens).
  • The best cooking takes place in lightweight, dark-coloured containers, where the weight subtracts heat from the potential of the oven and the black, which is a heat-absorbing colour, does not reflect the infrared heat like white or shiny surfaces.
  • To make cleaning easier, we have developed a special type of vitrification process that applies white speckles measuring between 1 and 4 mm in diameter on the surface.
  • This special vitrification process means the dirt sticks in a discontinuous manner, thus making cleaning much easier.
  • The trays are also dishwasher safe.
Different depths are available:
  • 20 mm depth is ideal for:
    • Cooking bread, pizza, meatballs, roast vegetables, potatoes and other root vegetables.
  • 40 mm depth is ideal for:
    • Cooking bread, meat stews, meatballs, fish, roast vegetables, potatoes and other root vegetables.
  • 60 mm depth is ideal for:
    • Baked lasagne, au gratin dishes, bread, meatballs, fish, roast vegetables, potatoes, other root vegetables, focaccia, cakes and other baked pasta dishes.
  • 80 mm depth is ideal for:
    • Whole roasts, fish, meat.
Different versions are available:
  • Folded-P: angular shape, made in the Gastronorm sizes of 1/2 – 2/3 – 1/1 – 2/1 and 600X400 mm for bread and pastries, heights of 20 – 40 – 60 mm, that allow to obtain a square or rectangular shape for foods such as lasagne, pizza, etc.
  • Printed-S: rounded corners, made in one GN size of 1/1, depths of 20 – 40 – 60 mm, the perimeter of the food is rounded like the stainless steel models. These models are vitrified with thick, small white speckles that take on a dark-grey colour without a grainy appearance.

On request for minimum quantities, we can also make Folded-P trays with customised sizes.

GN 1/2-P

  • H 20 (325x265x20mm)
  • H 40 (325x265x40mm)
  • H 60 (325x265x60mm)

GN 2/3-P

  • H 20 (354x325x20mm)
  • H 40 (354x325x40mm)
  • H 60 (354x325x60mm)

GN 1/1-P

  • H 20 (530x325x20mm)
  • H 40 (530x325x40mm)
  • H 60 (530x325x60mm)
  • H 80 (530x325x80mm)

GN 2/1-P

  • H 20 (530x650x20mm)
  • H 40 (530x650x40mm)
  • H 60 (530x650x60mm)



  • H 20 (600x400x20mm)
  • H 40 (600x400x40mm)
  • H 60 (600x400x60mm)

GN 1/1-S

  • H 20 (530x325x20mm)
  • H 40 (530x325x40mm)
  • H 60 (530x325x60mm)

Heated Displays

Heated-Display - Small
Heated-Display - Big

Professional Food Displays

Full width glass display area, illuminated photographic sign, display rack and illuminated merchandiser

  • Manufactured from stainless 18/10 (304), with display rack and adjustable feet.
  • Cabinet suitable for 40 mm gastronorm containers.
  • Water container for humidification.
  • Fan assisted heating and thermostat within the range 30 to 110°C
  • Illuminated food cavity and front merchandiser.
  • The displays are built to comply with EN norms and operate on single-phase 230V supply.
Different versions are available:
  • HT1S (60 x 56,5 x h 50,5 cm)
  • HT1 (46 x 77 x h 50 cm)
  • HT2 (73 x 77 x h 50 cm)
  • HT3 (106,5 x 77 x h 50 cm)
  • HT4.C (140 x 77 x h 50 cm)

Electric-Heated Fryers

Electric-Heated Fryer

Professional Food Fryers

With device for melting fats

  • Costruction conforming standard EN, completely stainless steel 18/10.
  • 555x455xH340 overall measures,with adjustable feet.
  • 500x400xH300 insulated tank,oil drain valve.
  • 470×350 basket, with handles athermic.
  • Oil level,max litres 31.
  • Pull-out resistance group with safety switch.
  • Tray with handles,for collecting waste frying.
  • 400 VAC three-phase power supply (green light).
  • Oil temperature control thermostat (orange light).
  • Safety thermostat (red light).

Different versions are available:

  • FRC-10 (10 kW)
  • FRC-15 (15 kW).